About us

sipIQ was born out of the need to use IP telephony as a solution that would:

  • Give our clients hybrid cloud and UC solutions that fit their exact needs and let them get back to what they do best
  • Keep the entire experience simple from sales to user experience
  • Ensure greater uptime, fewer outages, and no loss of business
  • Move customers off of single points of failure so they enjoy maximum security and reliability
  • Provide a solution that becomes an integral part of how our clients do business
sipIQ goal

Our Goal

To make communication simple, easy, and reliable, but still provide a phone system solution uniquely suited to each client. In a market full of hosted voice solutions that all look the same, sipIQ is the opposite of cookie cutter. We take a personalized, boutique approach to the customer experience. At our core, we believe that a properly architected solution should encompass more features than ever before, and simultaneously prove easier for all users to adopt.
Every sipIQ customer needs a unique solution to match unique business requirements. A telephony solution should never be “one size fits all.”

sipIQ is the only carrier-agnostic hybrid cloud and unified communications provider that ensures total business continuity and works with any SIP compliant IP handset (RFC 2543) across a number of manufacturers

The deployment process and ongoing support provided by the sipIQ team is nothing short of “white glove” for our customers. Our customized communication solutions bring customers a fully managed, true-cloud system with a personalized, stress-free experience. With decades of experience in the cloud and phone space, sipIQ knows that other voice providers are delivering only a sliver of what SIP and unified communications technology can really bring businesses.
We are devoted to lending our expertise to customers so they can get a fully managed platform that is simple, powerful, and fits their needs. At every level in our organization, and through our national network of partners, our focus is to ensure our customers are well-served with the best technology, devices, networks, applications, and solutions.
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