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sipIQ Unified Comunications

Our Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS) platform gives customers HD Voice, mobile access, conference, fax, chat & video all in one place on one platform

sipiIQ carrier agnostic solutions

Carrier Agnostic

We are the only carrier-agnostic cloud and unified communications provider with an industry unique network design that ensures your business is always up and running even on an ISP failure.

sipiIQ dual structure on the cloud and on premises

Dual Structure

The dual structure of sipIQ’s solution means you get a phone system both in the cloud and on-premise.

sipiIQ secure platform

Secure Platform

No other SIP solution or provider gives you the security and simplicity you need to empower your business.

sipiIQ premium support 24/7

Premium Support 24/7

We provide a personalized approach with individual help, 24/7, so you never have to wait in line to talk to your "support team."


Manage your business communications with ease


Check Voicemail, Recordings, set a Conference (bridge, set PINS, mute, kick all, record, lock, monitor attendees), handle contacts, ..and much more


Unlock the power of sipIQ’s Agents and Queue features. With support for many inbound routing schemes and the ability to track metrics


Our Web Operator Panel (WOP) lets you see detailed PBX activity, like who is talking and to whom, call durations, held calls, queued calls, transfers, ..and more


Get to unlock the intelligence behind your phone calls and accurately display call information


Get to unlock the intelligence behind your phone calls and accurately display call information

...and much more

Premise vs. Cloud, Which should you buy?

premise vs cloud

Premise Based Telephony Solution

  • One-time capital outlay
  • High CAPEX
  • Limited services
  • Annual maintenance fees, license fees, & hardware upgrade costs
  • Must be bought with maximum capacity in mind plus growth
  • What happens in the event of a local outage?
  • What Happens if the systems doesn’t deliver a needed feature?
  • Obsolete after 5-7 Years

sipIQ’s Hybrid UCaaS Cloud Solution

  • Low CAPEX
  • HD Voice, Video, Conference, Mobile, Fax and a host of collaboration tools all on the same platform from the same provider
  • Scale up or scale down at will…only pay for what you use
  • sipIQ’s edge device sits at the customer premise and replicates their application in the cloud, providing automatic Redundancy, Local Survivability, Disaster Recovery and end to end Security
  • sipIQ’s talented Development Team = no cost for system upgrades, no cost for new features, no cost for custom features
  • None

Get the flexibility and cost benefits of the cloud

  • LAN Survivability
  • Dual Architecture
  • HD Voice
  • 24/7 IQwatch
  • Call Transfer / Park / Hold
  • Intercom / paging
  • Voicemail
  • ...and much more

pri support

Legacy PRI Support with SIP Features

To make communication simple, easy, and reliable, but still provide a phone system solution uniquely suited to each client. In a market full of hosted voice solutions that all look the same, sipIQ is the opposite of cookie cutter. We take a personalized, boutique approach to the customer experience. At our core, we believe that a properly architected solution should encompass more features than ever before, and simultaneously prove easier for all users to adopt.
Every sipIQ customer needs a unique solution to match unique business requirements. A telephony solution should never be “one size fits all.”

5 Reasons to change from PRI to SIP Trunking

1st reason


Save a Ton

SIP trunks drastically reduces the costs of long-distance and international calls.

1st reason


Up and Down

SIP trunk solution is a cloud-based system and once the initial system is set up, lines can quickly be added or removed digitally.

1st reason


Instant return

There’s no risk or massive upfront investment necessary to get started. SIP trunking services are affordable from the start.

1st reason


Easy and Fast

24/7 support service with fast digital solutions. You and your employees will never have to depend on your IT team.

1st reason


Fraud Prevention

SIP trunks run an encrypted and dedicated connection, preventing social engineering and other attacks.

Fiber Backbone Global IP Network

No other Network gives you all the features, security, reliability, scalability, lowest latency, best quality and support than our global fiber backbone IP Network.

Realtime communications made easy!

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